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Long Term Christian Drug Rehab Treatment

Choosing a long term Christian drug rehab demonstrates the real commitment to change for the better life. Long term Christian drug rehabs may proceed from 3 months to as long as 2 years. The long term treatment is quite different as it gives learning to the patient to live his/her life sober without any addiction during and after the time period of the program.

Christian who have problems regarding Drug and Alcohol feels extreme conflict between their beliefs. Christian Drug Rehabs understands this and tries to connect their heart and mind with God. They have adopted technique that enhances their faith on God. The believe is, they are slave to these chemical materials and cannot overcome by their own. This can be done through only with the God’s faith and power. Christian Rehab treatment helps to regain their lost skills and make them confess to God for their misdeeds and for having faith on him.

The Christian Drug Rehab treatment program is based on the following with Long-Term commitment to follow-up care for their patients:

o Medical treatment

Medical treatments are conducted to facilitate medical setup for their patients. Under this treatment, physicians and nurses are available to monitor the behavior of the patient constantly.

o Group Therapies

Group therapy is another way of categorizing the patients having similar problems. Psychologists will select members for each group based on their treatment sessions. This therapy helps the patient to experience about others having similar problems and going through various psychological treatments like them.

o Counseling programs

Various Christian drug rehab centers conduct counseling programs for drug alcohol addicts to know more about the behavior of addicts. Under this session, experienced counselors and professionals ask various questions regarding their behavior and addiction habits from the patient’s family, friends and patients itself.

o 12-Step Treatment

It refers to the original process of recovery by their love, support and encouragement. It assists in the behavioral treatment. In this treatment, experts teach about the Spirituality, Importance and Faith of God. They make them able to take decisions about their lives and to spend a fearless life.

o Psychotherapy

This Therapy involves treatment of emotional, behavioral issues and mental disorder of the patient. In psychotherapy treatment, problems like Stress, Depression, Relation issues, Emotional problems, Anxiety, Phobias etc are tackled.

o Medication

Many people who are addicted to drugs, for them most effective treatment consists of both behavioral therapy and medication. Medication helps the patient to overcome his/her problems and start gaining self-control. Medication is the most effective therapy used by most rehab centers.

o Faith and Believe on God

Christian drug rehab follows a religious approach. They show the way towards God to find out solutions to various problems. Because they tell the patients that, they are nothing without having faith and believe on God. This is one of the most important method of approaches followed in drug rehabs.

Most of the people prefer Christian drug rehab treatment due to its interactive and helpful environment and learning approach based on the faith on God. It motivates the patient to shape up his/her damaged life and to re-enter into the society again without any hesitation. Because of its long-term commitment for the better life leads the patient to live happily forever and better future due to his/her faith on God.

My ‘Rediscovery’ Of Biophysical Drug Rehab Treatment

I am a rehab counselor and interventionist. No too long ago I was helping a retired doctor (anesthesiologist) to find a biophysical drug rehab for her stepson. She was helping me to understand this type of treatment which I had heard about and known about for years. I have even referred families to this type of biophysical rehab in the past but for me, the penny dropped after speaking with her about her son.

She started by explaining that he was using for years many drugs from pain pills to cocaine to benzos and alcohol. He’d go to traditional treatment and then weeks or months later he’d relapse. Very similar to stories you hear about from most families fighting addiction. But she was adamant about finding the best biophysical drug rehab center for him. She knew that he’d not succeed if he did not get this physical component to rehab that was critically lacking in his past attempts.

As a background, biophysical drug rehab programs emphasize that drug and alcohol residue store in the body. They focus on a long term drug rehab and detox protocols that release all of these stored residue so that the person can feel truly well enough to actually respond to their addiction therapy. A widely reported side benefit of biophysical rehabs is that the extreme cravings and urges to use drugs completely disappear after treatment.

Now, I had heard about this for many years but understanding exactly how and why was a bit beyond my training. It was speaking with this doctor regarding her son that really helped me to see how this type of treatment is vital and probably a missing component in most rehab treatment today.

As an anesthesiologist, she said that she learned drugs and toxins can store in the fatty tissues and remain for many years. And that the most common metabolic events that occur daily can release some of those drugs into the blood. Spices in food, exercising, sex, even a jolt of adrenaline from a scary movie can cause such events. And when this occurs it is not enough to get the “high” feeling but it will stir up the most incredible cravings for the drugs or alcohol that the person is used to consuming.

Additionally, her son was not responding to traditional 12 step group therapy treatment and said that most biophysical rehabs are non 12 step drug rehab programs. This means that along with the biophysical rehab treatment he would experience a more one on one cognitive therapy for underlying issues. With non 12 step drug rehab, there would be no one telling him he’s a victim and no one telling him he has a disease.

By the end of the call things that I had known about on the subject of biophysical drug rehabs all hit home and became very clear to me. I could really understand why this style of treatment has become so much in demand in the last 5 -10 years (though it has been around for 40 years). They are longer term; non-drugging; non disease / non 12 step in nature and they use protocols to get ALL the drugs out of the body. What’s not to like about that? The key to me is success. Traditional 28 day rehabs boast an abysmal 10% success rate whereas these biophysical drug rehab programs have 75% success rates.

All in all I believe this is one call that helped me more than I may have helped her but I have put that knowledge to good use in helping others.

Medication and Behavioural Drug Rehab Treatment – A Combination for Quick and Life-Long Recovery

Medication and effective behavioural therapy work together as a great formula to speed up drug rehab doctoring. These are two important elements of a therapeutic process which often start with detoxification followed by intensive treatment and relapse deterrence. Warding off withdrawal symptoms in drug rehab doctoring is critical to begin the formal treatment procedure, whereas deterring relapse is vital to maintain its effects. Also, like other chronic health conditions, relapse episodes might require one to go back to previous treatment constituents.

Medication for Addiction Treatment
It can be used to assist with several other aspects of addiction treatment.

1. Withdrawal
Medicine helps suppress the withdrawal signs and symptoms during the detoxification process. Medically assisted detoxification is not the complete addiction doctoring solution, but only a small part of the process.

2. Treatment
Medicine can help re-establish normal brain function as well as deter relapse and ward off substance cravings during drug rehab doctoring. At present, there are certain medications developed for addiction doctoring for alcohol, tobacco (nicotine), and opioids (heroin, morphine). Medicine is also being developed for addiction doctoring of cannabis (marijuana) and stimulants (methamphetamine, cocaine).

Behavioural Addiction Treatment
Behavioural doctoring helps patients participate in the drug rehab doctoring and mainly change their behaviour and attitudes. These therapies accentuate the medical treatment process for quicker and lifelong treatment.

1. Outpatient Behavioural Treatment
This form of behavioural treatment is inclusive of a wide assortment of methods for drug rehab doctoring for patients who visit the facilities at regular intervals. Mostly, these programs are based on group or one-to-one counselling. A lot of programs also proffer various other kinds of behavioural doctoring. These include cognitive-behavioural therapy, multidimensional family therapy, motivational interviewing, and motivational incentives (contingency management).

2. Residential Treatment
Residential doctoring programs can be beneficial for patients who are suffering from deep-rooted damage because of drug abuse. For instance, TC’s (Therapeutic Communities) are highly structured rehab programs during which the patients continue to live at their own residence, generally for a period of 6 to 12 months. Therapeutic Communities differ from other drug rehab doctoring methods principally because of their use of community treatment staff and recovering patients to implement changes to influence perceptions, attitudes and the behaviour of the patients.

The major focus of all drug rehab centres is to re-socialize the patients to lead drug-free lifestyles with greater productivity. However, it should be noted that both the treatment and the healing process can be prolonged depending on the nature and strength of damages incurred both physically and psychologically.