Why One Benefits From Receiving Non-12 Step Drug Rehab Treatment

By | August 3, 2017

If you are trying to recover from a drug addiction and reclaim your life, the most common treatment methods available are usually based on a version of the traditional 12 step model which takes less than 30 days to complete. Although this methodology can be effective for some, long term drug rehabs that are considerably lengthier provides much more effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the 30 day program is mostly money-driven. This started when originally most insurance companies would only cover up to 30 days of drug rehabilitation. While molding treatment to the demands from insurance coverage, this resulted in a publicly popular treatment model which actually produces higher percentage of patients relapsing opposed to other methods of addiction therapy. Those who have been serious about facing their addiction and honestly wanting to end the cycle of relapse have not settled for mediocre rehab; and fortunately looked further into alternative non 12 step drug rehab options.

A primary advantage from non twelve step drug rehabs are they allow patients to approach their own individual problems in-depth, complemented by complete physical detoxification processes which is not what one would normally find at a typical twelve step program.

While no program is perfect, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both the 12 steps and non 12 step methodology of treatment, there are many reasons why most researchers consider non 12 step programs more effective. One key factor is rather than being limited to a set 30 days of treatment, non 12 step drug rehabs are generally long term treatment programs which can last upwards to 90 days or longer.

12 step programs also rely heavily on group therapy sessions where patients are encouraged to share their past experiences in a group setting as they try to overcome their addiction. With limited time and generic non-individualized treatment, this unfortunately leaves little that can actually be accomplished with traditional 12 step therapy.

Removing the 30 day limit and applying tailor made programs allows the addict to be able to truly dig deep and uncover the underlying issues which are the catalyst of their addiction. Breaking free from the norm by not basing themselves on a dated model and focusing more on the individual with tailor made plans suited specifically to the patient is the strength of non 12 step programs. Devoting as much time as possible and including different treatment protocols including chemical detox, one on one counseling, life skills courses and even aftercare treatment is why non 12 step programs have quadruple the success rates.